Acoustic Stage Line Up

We are VERY excited to make the following LINE UP announcement for the Acoustic stage. The stage will be positioned outside the Town Hall, in the Town Square on Saturday, 28th September.

It will be FREE to attend, and the following artists have been carefully selected to entertain all ages of listener! Bring it on!

10:00 AM – Edward Taylor (Flamenco, Jazz, Classical and Blues)

11:00 AM -The Fried Pirates (Traditional)

12:00 AM – Lexie Green (Soulful Americana)

1:00 PM – When Rivers Meet (Blues and Roots Rock)

2.00 PM  – Tony and Titch (Old time Country)

3:00 PM – Me Thee and E (Jazz and Blues)

4.00PM – Jo & Mary (Gospel and Country)

Please help us to spread the word!!!

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